PRODUCTS THAT GUARANTEE THE HIGH QUALITY OF THE FUSIONS The quality of the castings depends on the quality of the metal. To remove oxides, hydrogen and disturbing elements use PROBAT FLUSS®. Metal purification with PROBAT-FLUSS® or ARSAL® binds the oxides and reduces the metal in the slag. Grain refinement with MIKROSAL® and modification with EUTEKTAL 375 prevents hot breaks and increases in strength, without gas reabsorption. In Conchiglia the coatings of the molds with CILLOLIN® guarantee a high adherence, an easy separation and a specific heat conduction. The PROBAT-FLUSS REDOX and EXTRA NS products guarantee the purification of heavy metals, without attacking the walls of the crucible and oven. Copper fusion protection and coverage is achieved with PROBAT-FLUSS EXTRA CARBO N®. In vertical continuous casting FLUXIT® is an excellent cover and guarantees excellent flow characteristics.

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