Withdrawal defects such as avoiding them with nano-structured oxides

In the fusion of light alloys, metal purification plays an important role in the quality of the castings.

The presence of oxides in compact form leads to inclusions and defects in the crystalline structure. Furthermore, in correspondence with the same, hydrogen segregations can be created that can give rise to training
of porosity and shrinkage cavities. In those conditions, a molten metal that is not properly purified leads to porous, non-gas-tight jets, characterized by low elongation values and reduced resistance to fatigue, moreover not suitable for heat treatment and also difficult to weld. By treatment with PROBAT FLUSS MIKRO 100, simultaneously with the use of ARSAL purifying flows, the percentage of oxides – and therefore the concentration of hydrogen – can be lowered to a level that allows a non-porous structure to be obtained and, therefore , gas-tight.

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